RITUAL is a Dedicated Creative Spiritual Practice.
Here are some of the details about joining us.


Note - This course is for Musea Members only. If you are not a Musea member yet, no worries! Upon registration, you will be given a chance to join and learn about the wonderful benefits included. More information is provided on the Registration Page.

This course will not compete with the curriculum from any of our programs or others you are taking, it will only amplify and expand the work you are already doing. Think of it as your creative spiritual practice.

The work is as deep and wide as you want to go. While there is content in the unfolding process, the content you are working with is largely focused on your own internal and external relationships.


  • This Course runs for 13 Moons starting in January 2021. You will be learning Intentional Creativity® based painting technique as well as intuitive journaling.
  • You will be working with one big 3' x 4' or larger canvas
  • You will work in a mixed media journal to document the entire process - as well as write down the bones of your own mythic narrative.
  • 1 Monthly Painting Video Session of 1-3 hours,
  • 1 Monthly Mythic Imagination drawing + writing video
  • 1 Monthly Live Zoom Circle dedicated to Ritual Students on the 3rd Thursday of the month alternating between 12pm and 4pm PT. A recording will be provided.
  • Additional optional Live Zooms Circles as part of your Musea Membership
  • Private RITUAL iMusea App Group for connection (off of Facebook!)
  • You will be supported by our Musea Collective.


  • We will work on one painting with steps every month and layers.
  • The style will be largely abstract with a feminine figure emerging partway through that includes two aspects, referring to the hidden self.
  • We will work with sacred geometry, loose layers, mark-making encoding meaning, and basic brushwork and pattern. This is not focused on technique but enough instruction will be provided to learn if you are neew
  • In the end, you will have an epic painting of your healing journey that goes along with your mythic narrative, your new story.
  • You will learn to use Medicine Painting as a healing tool this year and in the future.
  • No painting experience needed. Upon registration receive immediate access to a video from Shiloh Sophia about brush usage and painting technique for Intentional Creativity.


  • We are inviting you to live your life in the context of ritual. This includes setting up sacred space, being in nature and paying attention to your environment.
  • We request that you keep up with your commitment to show up and do your work at least one 4-8 hour session per month that you will add to your calendar.
  • You are encouraged to practice the meditations and protocols on a daily basis instead of having big gaps in between the focus, consider 'Red Thread Cafe'
  • There won't be tons of work, but enough for a committed practice.
  • You are invited to join us for up to three zoom calls a month - one of which will be with your RITUAL cohort.
  • You will be keeping a visual journal of your experience.


  • Your monthly RITUAL Painting Practice with Shiloh Sophia + Inspired Inquiry with Jenafer Joy will be and any other releveant materials delivered via video and it will be hosted in a virtual classroom.
  • All video curriculum will be downloadable to keep for 'lifetime access'.
  • There will be a chance to gather on Zoom with other RITUAL members, as well as our Musea Member Community. Note that timezones will alternate so students in either hemisphere will have a reasonable hour to join us. Relevant calls material will be recorded but our calls are more experiential and breakout groups are not recorded. Attending calls is not required.
  • Emails will be to a bare minimum and sent in a regular weekly pattern. We trust you to mark events on your calendar. We will support you in going that with 'add event.

About Our Technology

To provide a more interactive and intimate experience, we use Zoom Technology for our calls. You can join us via video or phone. Here is a photo of our Color of Woman Graduation 2020.

It is so cool to SEE each other in our own environments around the world! If you haven't used Zoom, it's very user friendly and we will provide a tutorial.

Community Circle & Support

Musea Members and active students are invited to join us in our private iMusea Community Classroom. RITUAL students will have their own group where you can share your process, witness fellow students and receive support from the Musea Collective including Intentional Creativity teachers.

Team meeting for Ritual 2021 Yearlong Painting Course


  • A full materials list with some links for references will be provided immediately upon registration so you can get your home studio ready. Here are the basics so you have an idea of what to plan for.
  • You will need at least a 3 feet by 4 feet canvas. A wood panel is a fabulous alternative. Go as LARGE as you have room for. Shiloh LOVES working with 5 feet. After all, it is a year so you need room to move!
  • A sturdy easel or you can hang your canvas on the wall.
  • A collection of acrylic paint in a rainbow of colors. Shiloh Sophia uses GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics but nonfluid paints and brands besides Golden are workable.
  • Paint brushes in a variety of sizes.
  • Other basic painting supplies such as spray bottle, water jar, paper towels, etc...
  • You will also want a mixed media journal, pens and some basic collage materials - magazines, glue and scissors.
  • A Ritual materials list will be provided.
  • Our text is "All Those Barbarians" by Dr. Martin Shaw

Ritual happens when you choose the perfect shawl to place about your shoulders before you pick up the pen. Then when the shawl and pen are in place, the pen will release living waters on the page. Opening an ocean of language filled with symbols.