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A Yearlong Intentional Creativity Course Guided by Shiloh Sophia with Jenafer Joy

Starts, January 2021 - January 2022

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  • This Course runs for 13 Moons. Upon registration receive immediate access to your first painting session with Shiloh Sophia.
  • You will be working with one big 3 x 4 foot or larger canvas and one mixed media journal. A materials list will be provided.
  • Monthly Schedule: 1 Painting Video, 1 Inspired Inquiry + 1 Ritual Zoom Storytelling Circle with the option to join other monthly Zoom events included with your Musea Membership.
  • Private iMusea App Group for connection (off of Facebook!)
  • A commitment of 4-5 hours a month

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We invite you to watch a video with Shiloh Sophia regarding the investment of time, energy and financial resources for this yearlong RITUAL Experience.

Standard Tuition = $1,297

Musea Members receive $100 savings = $1,197 or $97/month

Register for RITUAL!

This course is for Musea Members only. If you are not yet a member, no problem, you can register for RITUAL now and receive the $100 savings! The link to become a member will be provided upon registration for Ritual.

The cost to be a member is just $10/month and there is a partial scholarship available for those who need one. To be a Musea Member is simply to be an active part of our greater movement which supports women in the arts and provides complimentary education every month for thousands of women creatives in our global community.

Questions about registration? Contact

No-risk money-back guarantee: If you complete the course and it does not provide you with increased access to your own awareness, we will refund your full investment.

About Scholarships: If you need a partial scholarship to help RITUAL be possible, we are willing to consider your request. Please contact Those who can afford the regular price make it possible for us to offer the savings to others in need, thank you very very much.

*We offer generous long-term payment plans to students who need support in financing our courses. These loans are provided through Shiloh Sophia and Musea, not a big bank or financing company. Thus, there is costs associated with our team managing the life of your loan. To account for these costs, there is a nominal administrative fee added to the payment plan. We trust our students to follow through on their commitment and communicate with us if a different arrangement is needed.

Are you new to Intentional Creativity?

We are so glad you found your way here! The wonderful thing about our painting courses is that no experience is needed. Even if you haven't picked up a brush for years, you are invited to join us for this 13 moon adventure.

We have beginner and skilled artists alike who join us every year for our courses. Graduates who have studied with Shiloh Sophia are available in our private classroom to offer support, witnessing, and guidance.

Upon registration for RITUAL, you'll receive the Brushstrokes and Techniques video, featuring Shiloh Sophia's Intentional Creativity way of painting.

Ever wonder which paintbrush to use for the effect you're looking for? Or how to create designs you see in Shiloh's paintings? She explains this and more in a 40-minute video just for you!

"As we near the completion of Legend Mystic, I just wanted to say thank you again. I had never painted before this course and yet was strongly called to participate. Only a few weeks ago I was nervously watching videos on color mixing, brushes, try to be prepared. Today I just picked up 2 more large canvases because there is no turning back after being exposed to this medium and practice. The step by step made this process accessible and also made it easy for me to see the life patterns that get in my way as they showed up here clearly so I can now release and shift them. I felt so supported throughout the class which isn't easy with almost 200 students all remote. I'm so excited to be part of a movement creating our own images of women from our deep inner knowing. Long message to basically just say, thank you for guiding me, cheering me, helping me down this life-altering path. I'm forever grateful..." ~ Zya Berman

BIWOC "Black Indigenous Women of Color" SUPPORT

RITUAL includes a BIWOC breakout group guided by Intentional Creativity Teachers, Lauren Adorno-Weatherford and Semerit Strachan during our monthly MUSEA MEMBER community call.

Along with Shiloh Sophia, Lauren and Semerit are founding Intentional Creativity Teachers for Re-Membering Community Circles for Mending Racialized Trauma. We are honored to have them with us to guide Culturally Specific group conversation for our Musea Members and active students.

We also have longtime Intentional Creativity student and recent Master of Ceremonies from the November VIVID weeklong gathering, Anasuya Isaacs who will be available to support BIWOC in the iMusea app and on some of our Zoom calls.

Anasuya Isaacs

"In Artifact, I proudly explored my African and Taino ancestry. This painting reveals the colorful beauty in symbol and image within the African Diaspora."

Diving Deeper Into Blackness
By Lauren Adorno-Weatherford

Shares from students who have painted with Shiloh Sophia

This was one of the deepest experiences I've had with Intentional Creativity. This Medicine painting helped me step more fully into my wisdom and transform myself on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. I loved the process of being in the outer realms of existence and moving inward into matter...because I Matter and I am Matter.

Pearls of Wisdom
By Olivia Marie Oso

Field Worker surprised me with her layers and how she came into form – the depth and texture held me entranced. Her message of clearing and healing my own field jarred my perceptions of myself and continues to inspire me. It forces me to be far more conscious of what I allow to come into my field. I am a stronger being because of that.

Field Worker
By Annette Wagner

Artifact, a reminder from a different time or Being…The Being in this painting became so real to me, spoke to me, had conversations, and told me her myth story, but even more profoundly explained how her story was really also my story. Intentional Creativity with Shiloh Sophia's truly powerful guidance creates a Magic unlike any other.

Silenced No More
By Feather Redfox

What an adventurous ride between the 'real' and the 'imagined'. Through the twists and turns, figuratively and literally, came a deeper understanding in the importance of continuing to create spaces within myself and everyday life to dream and make things that matter to me.

From life to life, hand to hand, maker to maker, the wisdom is alive and living. I would recommend anyone who is longing for a deeper understanding of themselves and the world they exist in to undertake the adventure of Artifact!

Dreamweaver: Creating Spaces to Dream
By Maree Pilling